Crocodile Watching

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Crocodile watching

The majestic Tiger is not the only wild animal worth spotting in Corbett National Park. The Park is also home to a large number of reptiles, including the Gharial, a fish eating crocodile and the Mugger, which is a marsh crocodile. The Ramganga river that flows through the Park provides an ideal habitat for these thick-skinned, amphibious beasts.

From long snouted gharials to thick and bulky crocs, the riverbanks are teeming with these amphibians. You can spend an enjoyable few hours marveling at their strong jaws, scaly backs and large nostrils lurking just beneath the water surface.

On the banks of the river you can watch lazy crocodiles snoozing in the sun or floating in the river like dead logs of wood. It’s fascinating how a fat crocodile can lie immobile for hours with its jaws wide open and then suddenly, just when you start to wonder whether it has turned to stone, it snaps its moth shut at lightning speed. It’s also curious how crocodiles are careful to not eat the tiny birds that sit in their mouth and clean their rows of pointy teeth.

As the sun starts to descend in the horizon, our team of Naturalists takes you to the best vantage point where you can safely observe the reptiles from a close range. The reptiles’ khaki colour is an excellent camouflage, but with binoculars and a little help from your eagle-eyed Naturalist, you’ll have no problem locating them.

Once you get past their frightening appearance, you’ll see how crocs are no less playful than any other animal, splayed one of top of the other and occasionally snapping at each other. You can observe their deadly hunting skill, as they expertly catch fish and marvel at their interminable patience as they lie in wait for the next prey.

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