River Romp with Elephants

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River Romp with Elephants

Baby elephants are hands down the most adorable creatures in the baby animal kingdom. Clueless about their own strength they’ll run headlong at you, knock you down and then wrestle with you on the ground. There’s nothing they like better than playing and being petted and their large brown eyes sparkle with mischief. We can arrange a play date for you with these lovable creatures.

As the sun sets, you can wrap up the exciting events of the day with a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable activity: head to the Kosi River to bathe elephants. Large herds of elephants gather at the riverbank to wash off the day’s heat and dust. They look so playful shooting jets of water at each other, that you might even be tempted to join them.

Our Expert Naturalists will help you to approach baby elephants who are always delighted to meet new friends and will gambol over to bum around with you- till, of course, their mother beckons them back. The adorable calves are a treat to behold and you will feel rejuvenated after a frolic with them.

Kids and grown ups alike can join in the fun in the river and splash in icy water. When you tire, find yourself a nice, smooth, sun-bleached boulder on the riverbank and sit down to catch your breath.

It’s incredibly peaceful to sit by the riverside and listen to the soothing, gentle gurgling of icy cold water. As the sun sinks behind treetops, the sky changes myriad shades of colour and soon the elephants pack up and make their way back home, as do you.

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