Treasures of Kumaon

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Treasures of Kumaon

At paatlidun Luxury Safari Lodge nature and wildlife reign supreme and the human element is carefully curated to evoke an unmistakable earthy sensibility. A strong, local Kumaoni flavor is imbued in the cottages that are named after the months of the Hindu lunar calendar; the two main sections of the estate (Kosi Bakhai & Ramganga Bakhai; ‘bakhai’ is settlement) are named after local rivers.

The cottages display traditional Kumaoni motifs- woodwork, stone masonry, private courtyards, a verandah with a tulsi chabootara, and signature, black slate tiles on the roof. The unique, red-oxide cement flooring adds an earthy appeal to atmospheric décor. Interestingly, it has been prepared using raw eggs to give it a smooth finish and enhance its natural cooling properties.

Aipan paintings on glass partitions, colourful Garhwali carvings on entrance doors and Kumaoni handicrafts and showpieces lend a personal touch, and at the same time preserve and encourage local art forms.

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